Tuesday, May 19, 2020

1:12 scale PARFUMERIE Room box

Ever since the lock-down began i started working on this project. I have worked on it off and on a few hours here & there, mostly trying to use up my supplies the only thing i had to buy for this project is the faux moss for the outer wall rest is all using scrap chipboard, stray beads and jewellery findings and papers i used Prima Santorini and Lavendar.

I didn't draw anything or chalk a plan i just had an idea of what all i wanted in my perfume shop and it just grew as i went along. 

Its 1:12 scale Room-box that I built using a frame from a canvas and a photo frame as the base. The walls are made with foam-core board and chipboard.

The outer wall is painted with gesso n acrylic paints to give old vintage look. I mixed some craft sand to add texture. I am not a painter but i was surprised at the outcome. Really proud of my painting skills there. 

Inside walls are wallpapered with pattern paper. I scored the foam core board to resemble bricks and painted with gesso, and sand mix. Tore the pp to reveal the bricks. 

The shelves are built with chipboard and Popsicle sticks. painted with prima chalk paints. Sanded top give aged worn look. 

It has over 200 miniature perfume bottles made using beads and jewellery findings. It took me forever to make them. Every time i thought i had enough i needed more. 

The floor is made with photo paper, i score 1 by 1 squares and used different distress inks to create an aged tiled floor.

There are a few vials i filled with hand sanitisers to replicate perfume liquids.

I added faux moss on the outer wall to give it an overgrown vintage look.

Everything is handmade except the telephone and the flowers and tiny watch charm.

The umbrella stand is made using hand fan blades. And colored with colorbloom spraymist. I used a paintbrush. 

The parasols are made using some paper doilies are sprayed with colorbloom mist and used wire with a bead on one end and glued the doily and rolled it up to look like vintage parasol.

This is my first attempt at making a room-box from scratch.

I will cover it with a Plexiglas cover that i will customise for it.

Hope u all like my Lock down time-pass project.