Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dollhouse Dartboard Tutorial

My latest project is for father's day and i am creating a lot of vintage looking masculine objects to fit into the scene. Here, is one of my favorite ones. A miniature dartboard with a knife stuck into it.

Materials used
  • Cork
  • Coloring inks in red and white
  • Distress ink - Vintage photo
  • Balsa wood / match stick
  • Silver brad with long prongs
  • Small hook
  • Glue
  • Wood Crafting tools 
1. Cut the cork to the desired shape and add the little hook at the back .

2. Paint the rings using the colors you desire i use inks as they provide a stained effect which looks very vintage and worn. I painted my rings white and red. After that was dry I inked the edges using the distress ink stamp pad..

3. For the knife I took a little piece of balsa and a silver brad with long prongs. I cut the balsa to the size I wanted and lightly sanded it.

4. Cut the brad like you see below basically to resemble a knife blade or what ever shape you wish to create. Towards the bottom i cut a little notch sort of protrusion , this I will insert into the balsa. 

It was so tiny and glinting so much i couldn't get a better photo.  But you get the idea.

5. Insert the notch with a little glue into the handle you have created. The balsa i am using is very soft so the metal pierced right into it I didn't have to cut it separately, this step may vary if you use different materials.

6. I used the Distress ink stamp pad in Vintage Photo to stain the balsa handle its just perfect I  am so Proud!!

Here they are side by side

7. To finish it off just add a little dab of glue at the tip of the blade and pierce it into the cork and viola you have your own Dart board and knife!!