Saturday, May 25, 2013

DIY Floorboard tutorial for Doll Houses

Gel This is a really simple way to make floor boards and give them a shabby chic look not the dark teak wood floor boards from my earlier tutorial.

So, here is what you will need

  1. Popsicle sticks
  2. Coloring ink-White
  3. Gel Medium
  4. Glue
  5. Nail File
  6. Paint brush
  7. Exacto knife
  8. Rule
  9. Pencil

1. Start with the number of sticks you will need roughly place them on the area you would be covering and then a couple extra just in case.. 2 extra usually works for me. Then i take the nail file and file on one side of the stick. You need to file only one side because obviously the other side will be glued down.. You could also use sand paper for this part if that's what your comfortable with. We sand the surface as it brings out the grain even better.

2. I then paint all the sticks on the side i have sanded. This stage requires patience, i use coloring ink as it soaks through the sticks and gives a beautiful realistic stain it is not glossy so it just colors the wood which looks quite natural. You need to apply several coats, and wait between each coat to dry i painted 4 coats. You can alter the number of coats as per your need.

3. Next using a ruler and pencil i marked the sticks at 2" and the cut them.. Some i cut at 1".. Use a sharp cutter and be very careful!!

4. Below you see the floor of the shadow box i am making and these little beauties are going to be the floor boards. Alternate the pieces like a real floor as you see below. I start with the 2" piece and then for the next line i use the 1" piece first and that gives me the hatched look.

5. Here is the floor piece assembled finished floor. To finish it of i give the entire thing a coat of gel medium. It sort of looks like you polished your floor. You can skip this if you want natural woody looking floor..

Hope this was helpful... leave a comment and join me again for more...


Miniature Magazines for Dollhouse

So, here is a fun fast and super easy way to make miniature magazines for your doll houses or shadow boxes..

  • Photo glossy paper
  • Color Printer
  • Glue 
  • Paper cutter
  • Ruler
  • Old postcards
  • Scoring board
1. I downloaded the image of the covers from the internet. A tip for you guys here when you are searching go to the settings on top and select LARGE images this enables you to download images that have high pixel rate.. which gives you better quality images when you print them.

    I wanted mini National Geographic Magazine so I chose the ten best covers over the 50 years. And downloaded to my computer, then I copied the images to Microsoft Word Document and right clicked on the image and selected size. In the length I chose 1.05" the breath gets adjusted on its own and i suggest you not mess with it as to get a proper image.
    So, here you see my covers printed on a Glossy photo paper as you can see I left space in between, you will see why in a bit.

2. Using a Score board score as close to the edge of the cover and then at 1/8" to form the binding. And then I cut the individual pieces, using the blank part as the back cover. see below.

Click on the image below to get a better look at the cover and the score lines.

3. To make the inside pages i stacked together some old postcards I had lying around and when I was happy with the thickness which fit the binding I glued the edges with some good glue. this ensured the postcards stayed together and they looked like pages . Then I glued on the covers on the postcards and wrapped the back cover around .

4. Lastly I took a metal ruler and a sharp cutter and trimmed around the cover to cut out the little magazine. You can see the result below.. I did not ink the edges as I wanted then to be bright and white like they usually are and they look very very realistic although I do say s myself..

Please do try it ... hope you liked the tutorial ...


Saturday, May 18, 2013

DIY Dollhouse flooring with craft sticks

Hey guys here's another tutorial actually just some instructions of how i did the flooring for the Office Shadow box. 

  • craft sticks/ Popsicle sticks
  • Coloring Ink in brown
  • Ink Pad brown
  • Gel Medium
  • Glue
  • Ruler, Pencil, cutter
I first sanded the craft sticks on one side to smooth out the surface this also brings out the natural grain of the wood.

Then i stained them with the coloring ink since i wanted a teak look i used a complimenting color. i use coloring ink on craft sticks because they stain them perfectly and u don't have to use a lot of  it.

Next i cut them up into 2 inch pieces and inked the edges with the stamp pad. This is the result.....

I used some very strong glue and started to lay down the pieces like you would actual floor boards in a tile effect. i used the 2" pieces first and then cut small pieces to fill in the rest of the gap.

After that was dry i went over the entire base with gel medium, it was one even coat and have to let it dry very well, the gel medium gives the boards like a faux wax effect. It looks so real.

Here, it is the finished look in the daylight. i love it!! it actually looks like real teak floor.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Framing a miniatiature ancient map

I made this miniature picture frame with a little map in it. 

Here, how i did it.

Materials needed
  1. A picture/photo of mini  map.
  2. White Card-stock 
  3. Matt-board
  4. Acrylic sheet
 1. Cut out a frame out of the matt board which is about 1/8th of an inch thick. I should be a little larger  than your photo. Color the frame using using paint of your choice. i used a gold paint pen and attached it to an acrylic sheet and cut it out. 

Cut out the image you want to frame.. maps, photos, pressed flowers, images etc.

2. Attach the photo on a piece of white cardstock. As you can i had cut mine from an old atlas so you see the text from the page on the back!!

3. Next i drew an outline of the frame on some white cardstock...

Using a ruler i drew a smaller frame inside the outline i had drawn.

4. Then i drew diagonals and joined the opposite corners of the inner rectangle.

Next i cut out on the diagonal lines using an exacto knife and ruler.

5. I then i used the embossing tool with the smallest head, i traced the inner rectangle.

6. Fold over the flaps on the embossed lines you created.

Like this...

7. Glue the frame on the card stock frame you just created and trim off the excess, you will be left with something like this...

8. Now, glue the map piece under the frame like so..

Trim the excess around the frame. Here, is the final result. I think this type of framing is called double framing. This is an easy way to create the look of a double frame... I love how it turned out..

Hugs and kisses


    I have developed a recent love for Shadow Boxes!!! Shadow Boxes are basically frames or boxes  they hold little curios or objects sometimes miniature furniture the options are unlimited.

You can buy these shadow boxes and they look like this


here is what i did i took an old box that my cellphone had come in , i don't throw away anything i pride myself for being a green crafter and over this series you will see how i recycled many things i had collected.
This is how the box looked its 8"x 6" which was perfect!!

1. i began with marking a square grid bordering the box flap, in order to cut out a window for my shadow box. Hope you can see the pencil lines..

2. Here is how it looks opened up..

3. Next i started cutting the lines that i had drawn using a metal ruler and a craft knife.. I prefer a metal ruler as they are more rigid and for some reason i always end u slicing my plastic ones making them useless for future use you are free to use any means of cutting your comfortable with.

here, it is cut up..

Here, is how the front is going to look..
Tada you have your very own Shadow box !! Happy Decorating

Hugs and kisses


hi guys

So, i am really very excited to share with you today its something that i had been wanting to do for a real long time it is a junk journal/ smash book/ mini scrapbook/ art journal....

  • all my ideas
  • i will write in it
  • scrap in it
  • draw/paint in it
  • use all my leftover scraps n supplies
  • put in photos n journal-ling
  • my thoughts
  • etc etc etc
So, basically its a big mish-mash of everything and i am going to put everything and anything into it that doesn't have anywhere else to go...

So, here is the first page
absolutely love love love how this layout turned out. it has a little poem i had written as a kid and its a part of me....

"Why everything i always thought turned out to be untrue
as time passed by and life went on things changed the older I grew.."

hope you guys like it enjoy...

Happy Scrapping!!

Hugs and Kisses...



Hey Guys this is my new blog this is a platform for me to showcase some of my creations i am a mixed media crafter and you will see me explore all forms of art from card making to quilling to making scrapbooks shadow boxes painting making terrariums etc... So , stay with me on this journey and i would love to share with you all my crafty ride...

Hugs and Kisses