Monday, September 28, 2020

12" by 12" Interactive Pop-Up Scrapbook Album Video Tutorial

 Namaste Guys

Do you love Scrapbooks? Do you love pop-ups ? Do you love to incorporate Interactive Pages? Do you want to push your limits and make the largest, biggest album you can possibly make? Wouldn't you love to learn different techniques for matting your pages instead of the same usual styles?
Do you want to add nearly 500 photos for life events Like birthdays, newborn baby, wedding etc. In one single album?
Here is the answer for you.
I have been working for almost 3 months planning, drafting, designing this project, it really is a labour of love! Have you ever been asked to create the biggest album possible ? And you think all the technical issues with creating an interactive album that will hold the the pages solidly and stand the test of time like a true memory keeper.
I have taken all the hard-work out of the process and created a really planned and precise Video Class series. Where all the work is done for you just follow along with my start to finish videos, literally everything is done with the camera recording so you don't miss anything and you understand the whole process.
The versatility of this project is amazing you can adapt the interactive and popup elements to create cards and other albums and folios and projects of various sizes. 
You can easily choose a different base cardstock and pattern paper and create different albums of different themes and life events.

you can watch the video flip-through here 

  • A beautifully designed and constructed Scrapbook Album that combines the beauty a of scrapbook layouts and interactivity and fun factor of mini albums
  • Album page size 12" by 12".
  • It has 7 individual pages, 14 front and back, 2  interactive pages on the front ad back cover inside.
  • Each page and layout is different with interactive flaps and pop up techniques.
  • Perfect to hold and showcase your memorabilia and photos. This album can hold up-to 500 photos approximately.
  • A beautiful memory keeper for any occasion with a beautiful CAS layouts with photos to add to the fun and beauty of the project.
  • Enjoy incorporating metal embellishments, hardware, various metals,  and techniques to create a unique project.
  • The Video Class contains 7 detailed videos taking you through the entire creative process of the project.
  • The album can be created with any theme or life event depending on the choice of base cardstock colour and pattern papers.
  • You can adapt the techniques for pop up and interactive elements and create cards, smaller scrapbooks and folios.
  • Learn to make from scratch an interactive project complete with interactive pages and popups on each page complete with tags , pockets and flaps..
  • Learn to create the covers, a unique binding system and the pages and then put them all together and embellish the pages and the covers..
  • Learn to create the binding system to accommodate large pages and heavy album.
  • You will learn to creatively use your pattern paper to create attractive layouts that are eye-catching and interesting.
  • Learn some interesting methods for page closure and add details and decorations to them.
  • Learn to create the shadow box on the cover and the decoration elements.
  • I walk you through the entire process of creating the project step-by-step from start to finish. 
  • You will learn to add the pattern paper and then assemble the entire project and finally embellish your  finished project.
  • This is a copyrighted artwork any recreation or copy should be done with attribute to the creator. 
  • The entire list of materials needed and as well as the list of tools used will be visible on purchase of the class.
  • The videos can be played on Desktops, laptops, tablets & cellphone for best results Desktop & laptop

Watch the video Flip-through here

Purchase the Video Class Series here

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