Friday, August 29, 2014

Travel with Prima

Namaste guys

Prima marketing inc has just  come up with an awesome contest. ..To post a creative photo and to hash tag #travelwithprima ...absolutely brilliant. ..
All who know me know that I love love love Prima products...i just jumped when i sat this. i am an travel junky to the core and i can't live without my travel journals. 
I always create one before my travels to fill them up with photos, journaling, bills, tickets, ephemera, memerobilia and anything that can be glued down and is flat. ...i even have a pressed  flower i got at the hotel in this one...
This is my journal for my Thailand trip using the Prima Engraver series absolutely gorgeous papers.  When travelling i carry a carry on for my supplies for my scrapbooking and journaling on the go.  I take stickers  embellishments, small  stamps, note cards, atc and my white gel pens. ..cos i make my journals with black cardstock.
Here, are photos of my project. ..

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Monday, August 25, 2014

All About Me- Blog Hop!!

Namaste guys

  This is an "All about me post".  A few days back i was contacted by a sweet little crafter Nikita she asked me if i wanted to be a part of a blog-hop. I of course said yes! What fun! You can see all her lovely creative work here.

Getting to know me

When I was a toddler my mom would give a old newspapers to play with. I would spend hours tearing them up in pieces!! She told me every time I tore a piece of paper I would squeal in delight. That is how much i love paper!! My creative journey my love affair with paper begins very early. 

Crafting with paper isn't just that, but putting thought and planning into it along with the input of the person receiving it to make a unique and customized product that they can cherish life long.

Why Do I craft

Crafting to me is second nature. it is not  just a  hobby to pass time but a passion. I feel connected to each of my projects It take time to come up with the calculations and the design and i love that process, i even dream my project when i am trying to figure out a design. I love to challenge myself and i like to incorporate as much variety in my projects as I can


What I am working on right now

I am working on several projects at present. My craft desk is covered in at least 4-5 projects right now(lol). I love to surround myself up in projects, I get so many ideas in my head that I am afraid i may loose them or forget them so I work on them simultaneously. Others may say its a crazy style of working but it works for me, if I get tired if working on a project I work on another one. This i feel is the full utilization of my time and my capabilities...

How Do I become Inspired or be inspired

I draw my inspirations from everyday life I look at something and I feel "hey I can make that!". Things like journals, diaries and midori I love to incorporate techniques of something that was machine made by deciphering its construction and trying to figure out and make it myself by hand. Also, I love to create one of a kind projects that are true to the individual who will get them so I take inputs from them and incorporate their ideas into my projects to make them personalized and unique. I love challenges.

How Does my creative process works

I am a very meticulous person although i do say so myself!! I like to begin every on paper. I design and do calculations, draw sketches in my idea book, also, leave notes to myself. Chalk everything down to the last detail. This keeps me focused even when i am working on several things at the same time. I do extensive research and play around with structure constructions , create templates and only then I start my projects. This little idea book of mine has a compilation of all my projects over the years, as well as any new idea bouncing around in my head. I love to pen down points and doodle little sketches as and when I have a light bulb moment. I know this book looks all battered and beaten up ...hehehe that's how much I have put it to use.

How long does it take for me to create

Since, I dabble in many different type of projects the time duration definitely varies for each project. If i making a card depending on the complexity of it anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours. If i am making mini albums any where from 2 days to 2 weeks.

How does my work differ from others

I love coming up with new things and  do different things all the time. I dabble with 3D projects and altering arts as well. I do not limit my creativity just to paper, I love to recreate scenes I see around me. Creating miniatures is a passion too as I feel it is an extension of crafting.

What a are my favorite things I love to create

I love love love creating junk journals for travels and holidays i take. They are grungy and have lots of room for writing as well as photos and brochures. Among all my work Making these travel journals is the most fun and most satisfying accomplishment. 
I have done many of these and they are cherished treasures that hold brochures , tickets , photos and countless memorabilia like bills , stubs and stamps. lots of journalling and photos. 

What is my signature style

I believe in being different in what ever i do !! I have a distinctive style, I love everything vintage and grungy... I just cant live without my vintage photo distress ink pad!! I love dark colors and Black is my favorite base color for most if my projects. The earthy colors and battered distress edges draw me more. The patterns and designs of Prima papers i feel have been designed for me just cant have enough of them!!  

I also love to do shabby chic projects, just love too!!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Prima Princess Album In A Day

Namaste guys

I am back with a brand new album and this one I am calling "Album In A Day ". I kid you not you will really be able to construct this little wonder in one sitting (not counting embellishing! But you could if your adventurous like me! !!)

So, here it is this is the front cover...

Watch the video of the flip through!!

A view of the side and the lovely charms ...

The Tim Holtz Swivel clasp closure with charms :)

For information on classes and kits for this album please email me or inbox me on Facebook .

All Supplies from Crafters Corner

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fluttering Butterflies Monochrome Mini Album

Namaste guys 

Here is my latest project. This is a mini album I designed that is made and constructed with only cardstock. This has zero pattern papers, yes but uses tons of die cuts. I feel the beauty of this album is the monochrome effect of the pages. 

The fun thing about this album is that it can be adapted for any occasion depending on the color combination.


■Black and white
■Black and Red
■Baby blue and White
■Baby pink and White.

Please email me for details and orders.
You can order a pre-made album, in the above mentioned color combinations.

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