Monday, September 9, 2019

12" Accordion Tag Box Baby Records

Hi guys

So finally here it is, my 12" by 12" Accordion Tag Box, made for my Baby girl.

  • An interactive Home Decor piece with two different shadow boxes on both side.
  • Box sizze is 12" by 12" with 12 individual tags of 3 pages each.
  • Has a fun Music box incorporated in the structure.
  • Perfect to hold and showcase your memorobilia and photos.
  • A beautiful memory keeper for any occasion with a beautiful CAS layouts with photos to add to the fun and beauty of the project.
  • Enjoy incorporating metal embellishments and hardware and various metals and techniques to create a unique project.
  • The Video Class contains 2 detailed videos taking you through the entire creative process of the project

  • Learn to make from scratch an interactive project complete with tags , pockets and Shadow box frames.
  • Learn to create the Accordion Tag Box in a large size.
  • The tags are perfect to store lots of photos & memerobilia etc.
  • Learn to create the shadow box and the decoration elements.
  • I walk you through the entire process of creating the project step-by-step start to finish. 
  • You will learn to create the Box, the pockets, the tags and adding the pattern paper and then assembling the entire project and finally to embellish your  finished project.

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