Thursday, May 5, 2016

Around the World with 80 Artists Entry

Namaste Guys

I am so happy, so honoured and so thrilled!! For My entry is being Published in the beautiful artistic and nobel endeavour " Around the World with 80 Artists"

About the Book

Around the World with 80 Artists is an arts and crafts book like nothing you’ve seen before. We have 80 artists from all over the world contributing to this amazing creativity book. You will find information for the beginner to intermediate to the advanced crafter and artist, but most of all you’ll be able to see that creativity is something that holds this earth together and brings us all closer together.

We will be publishing this book on Amazon as a free e-book but are also launching a Kickstarter for this book and you can choose the more beautifully laid out versions of the book as a printed copy or a pdf as well! The projects will range from coloring pages to mixed media to scrapbooking, card making, cut and create and much much more!

20% of the proceeds from this project will go to The Malala Fund to help girls gain an education.

Through this book we will introduce you to many various art techniques, many countries of the world and many creative folk who love to use their right brain. The range and depth of arts and crafts projects is something that has surprised me. As I receive more entries every day I am astounded at the variety of things that will be in this book and quite frankly I can’t wait to print out my copy too!

The reason I came up with this project is the fact that we see more and more hate make it’s way around the world. We read about terrible things in the news and at times we forget how beautiful this world is. This book is an attempt to highlight the theme of creativity around the world. You’ll be meeting so many new artists and creative folk who have all come together to work on one project with love and creativity flowing in from many different countries of the world.

20% of the proceeds from this project will go to The Malala Fund to help girls gain an education. Girls who might otherwise not get their chance at a basic human right.

As with all my Kindle books you can always sign up to get them for FREE. I release a lot of books and hate putting a price on creativity so the books are always free for some time before they go to the paid category. Sign up above to get a FREE copy of this book at launch on Amazon on May 25th 2016.

So here is my Entry!

My entry is full Step by step tutorial of this Shabby Chic Junk Journal, complete with the material list and procedure!

Watch the Video here

Make sure you hop on over  to
and be sure to get your copy today, as this is a wonderful opportunity to learn from the masters around the world in different areas of crafting and art.

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Ashmita Roy Das


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  3. That's a beautiful book. I love it. I'm not familiar with spiral bound books - you must have taken it apart to get to work on all
    the pages..?? Anyway, it's a lovely book! TFS.

  4. The book is really lovely :) Thank you for the inspiration.