Monday, August 11, 2014

Fall Explosion box

Namaste guys

I love Explosion boxes they are so versatile and they can be customized to any shape and size and color scheme and themes. ...just adore them.

But I wanted to do something different this time.. so, I had bought this die a few weeks ago and I had been planning on creating something 3 D with  it. ..There were a few hitches at first i had to figure out the height of the lantern and the height of My box. ...As well as the width of the base. ..and to add some extra weight to give it stability .

I have cut 4 if the die shapes and then attached them together to get a D shape. .The top part of the lantern was where u got stock add it was really tall for the box i had intended for it. So i folded them inwards and glued them all together and the whole thing came together.  Since this die is intended to have the window open up i wanted only one to remain open so i glued the others closed. 
I then glued it to the base panel of the box and added a brad on the open door to embellish it.  This was an after thought and I  should have done it before gluing the whole thing but hey this is how I  mostly work, adding things along the way. .
From there on it was pretty simple. ..I punched or a ton of little ferns using my punch bunch. ...punch Lol that's a mouthful. ..and after adding some dimensions to them i glued them on like a vine....

>Fabriano Elle erre 12x 12
>maranne lantern die
>medium fern punch bunch punch
>scoring board
> paper trimmer
>Acrylic butterflies

. . . 

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