Sunday, January 26, 2014

THAILAND TRAVELOGUE- A travel Junk Journal/ Mini Album

Hello everyone,

I made this really amazing junk journal / mini album for my trip to Thailand for new years. Here, is the detailed description of how i went about the project . I have compiled all the various stages of the making of his special book. I say special because it is very special for me and as i went along this journey the book evolved across the stages. 


 This following video shows you in detail all the materials I am going to be using in my project.


This is the demonstration of how i make the first signature of the book, since, its going to be a Coptic style binding . There are going to be a total of 6 signatures. One for each day of my journey.


This video shows you how to construct the other 5 signatures as all of them are similar in construction.


Here is how I finally did the biding. At first when i took the book with me it didn't have a hard spine just the front and the back cover and you could see the spine of the pages. It was easier to fit in a bag and take along with me everywhere i went. But, when i got back and added the photos it got really bulky and wouldn't close so I took it apart and using a different style of Coptic bound it with a hard spine.

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