Monday, January 20, 2014


Hello everyone...
It's my dad's birthday so I decided to make him something, but, I know he wouldn't get the a frilly fussy mini album. So, I decided t make him a simple and minimalist vintage inspired Photo album with simple pages and construct.
So, here goes. ..
Materials needed:-

  • Black card stock
  • score tape
  • foam tape
  • chipboard
  • strong adhesive
  • scissors, cutting mat, ruler, paper trimmer, pencil eraser etc
1. I used A4 sized card-stock, so i simply cut each sheet down into two size 6"x 8". Cut so you have 30 

2> Score each sheet from one end at 1 1/8th of an inch.

3> Cut thirty pieces of 2" x 6" and score each at 1" and then fold .


4> Now add score tape to the hinge piece and glue on the scored edge of each page.

Here, is my stack of pages with the hinges glued down. I go over the hinges with a bone folder to flatten them out properly.

5> Punch hole on the hinge side.

6> Next cut two pieces of card stock at 6" x 9".  The back cover remains as is.

For the front cover cut a piece out of the shorter end 1" thick.

7> Align one of the page with the back cover and punch holes do the same for  the 1" strip and punch.

8> I am using craft colored handmade paper for the covers..I used lots and lots of score tape and lot of it around the edges..

Fold over around all sides and go over with a bone folder to enforce your folds. Then fold over the corners and go over with bone folder. Next i glued down the corners in first. and then bring in the sides.

9> Cut another piece of the handmade paper at 6.6" x 9.5". Score half inch all around and fold in. And glue on the back cover.

10> Cover the front cover all over with foam tape. I did this to add a bit of volume and dimension to the cover and also give it a bounded cover look.

Cover the front cover with the paper too. Also cover the little piece of the front cover. Line them up together .

Cut another piece of 6.5" x 9.5" and glue it on covering the entire inner area. Re-punch the holes.

11> Line up the covers and the papers , I am using half inch black ribbon and a needle with a large eye to thread through the pages. Makes it far much simpler and faster.

12> I used a book plate and backed it with a little black card-stock that i had scored vertically every 1/8th inch and added " PHOTOGRAPHS" that I printed on my letterer tape gun.

Hope you like it thanks 



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