Thursday, March 14, 2019

Altered Metal Trunk DIY decoupage using Bob n Betty Decoupage sheets

Namaste Guys

I found this trunk in my local market and the minute I saw i I knew what i wanted to do with it!
I wanted to do a collage decoupage on this using different collections and create an eclectic mish-mash look. Very very Boho-Chic

This is what it looks like 

The three collections of  Decoupage papers I used are
  1. Meadows
  2. Roseate
  3. Classics

you can find them here

So I wanted to create a collage look for the truck because i wanted full coverage of the papers that was not very neat but still cohesive. therefore i used 3 different collections and I picked out papers that were  complimenting each other from the collections.

I have recorded a full step by step by video tutorial complete with all the materials required. Hope you enjoy watch the video here.