Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Cabinet with Scrapbook Album Prima Romance Novel~ Video Class

Hi guys

A brand new class up on the website.
  • An interactive 3D Cabinet with Interactive Album also wth 2 drawers.  
  • Interactive album with tags.
  • Chipboard outer box with sepratros and unique appearance on the top of the cabinet.
  • Enjoy incorporating metal embellishments and hardware and unique closures and techniques to create a unique project.
  • The Video Class contains 2 detailed videos taking you trough the entire creative process of the project.
  • Learn interesting new technique to bind the pages as well assemble pages in a unique way.
  • The Album contains lots of pockets folds and flaps as well as tags and cards.
  • You will also learn to to create the drawers from scratch..
  • I walk you through the entire process of creating the project step-by-step start to finish.
  • You will learn to create the outer Box, the drawers,and all the other components of the cabinets, adding the pattern paper and then assembling the entire project and finally to embellish your  finished project.
  • You will learn to create the cover, the binding, creating the pages, adding the pattern paper and then assembling the album.
  • learn to Incorporating the handles. 
  • For more detailed view of the Project watch the accompanying video.

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Watch the video walk-through here

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