Sunday, May 22, 2016

8" x 8" Shabby chic Not so Mini Album

Namaste guys

I was commissioned a few days ago to create a sweet 16 shabby chic Album to document the 16 years of a girl turning 16. phew!! That's a lot of 16 in on sentence. lol!!
So I decided to make 8 interactive pages 16 front and back! with lots of pockets and places for tags and photos.
I used the paper collection from Eno Greeting! lots of fabric flowers on the cover and I made some lace flowers and added pearls to their centres and tons of pearls. I have brads attaching the spine to the cover. 

Here is the Video of the Album

See more of the photos of this Album 

The interactive Pages have swing tab closure to hold them shut and OMG aren't the papers gorgeous! I also  used die-cut butterflies to adorn the front of the pages, each of the pages have 2 tags each with the Number 1 to 16 on the respective tag for added space for photos.

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Ashmita Roy


  1. What a stunner!!! AMazing album!! :)
    Suchi xx

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  4. Fabulous work! And yeah the papers ARE gorgeous! Which paper pad was this--did it have a name? Eno Greetings has some amazing pastels definitely!

  5. so beautiful! absolutely lovely!
    - Khushboo Gandhi

  6. Indeed,It's exactly how a 16 years of girl would love..i have seen a lot of your posts and fell in love..Great inspiration for me to start with a blog of my own creations..!!