Monday, December 15, 2014

How To: Ephemera Charm Bracelet

Namaste Guys

Am back with another technique filled fun video!! A lot of you wonder how to use the Glass Cabochons and incorporate them on your projects well here is how!! 

Glass Cabochons are very versatile and the possibilities are endless you can use them in many ways as charms, accents and also as jewelry pieces. You can create them in several different ways and use photos pattern paper, scraps and even decoupage napkins.

I love charm bracelets and when I saw this really awesome Ephemera papers with beautiful flowers and foliage in shades of purple I just knew I had to create a collection of charms to make a personalized one of a kind bracelet!! 

Watch the earlier video on how to put together charms jump rings and chains!

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  1. Hi..
    loved the bracelet..
    Just wanted to know if you could help me knowing where did you get the small pendants from?
    I mean the plain ones..