Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vintage Lady's Hand Journal

Namaste Guys

All of you who know me know I love Vintage!! Probably born in the wrong era!! Lol!! You can roll your eyes and shake your heads and call me obsessed but you cannot deny the beauty of the bygone era!!
Simply a please to behold and all the ephemera and the doilies, the lace and the handkerchiefs!! Gorgeous!! 

I wanted to create something that was true to the era and something that looked authentic I mean there were no punches and embellishments we have today! So, I created a  look that was whimsy and yet practical so a lot of journalling can be done and photos can be added. 

Here, it is my Lady's Hand Journal!! Lots of ephemera and doilies and vintage photos in here, I have also added some vintage wine labels i have in my collection( surprise surprise.. I love collecting vintage stuff as well!! hehehe..

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