Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Reviving old punches

So, you guys will not believe what I did this morning I got up really today! Well that's not the unbelievable part((although in my case it is. Ha ha)) any how I was checking checking my punches the other day And don't know if Misty of you guys know but India is a super humid country and that weeks havoc with all metal. . And what are punches made of? ? Well metal. .. so mousy in my punches (read all of my punches) were sort of stuck meaning not exactly rusty or may be rusty I don't know exactly they had a sorry of white crusty on them.. And I had been thinking what to do with them I couldn't throw them out although I was really tempted they were grossing me out. ..
Finally I came up with a solution. .. And I can't believe it actually worked. .. Here is what I did ..I soaked each of them in mixture of vinegar and sodium bicarbonate for 5 minutes and punched them like crazy while they were in my chivalry mixture and eventually they got unstuck and all that yucky white crust actually dissolved. ..
Thank you class 8 chemistry! !! Then I washed each of them with some soapy water ((OLD much! !!))
And Viola good as new punches. .. phew. ..I am so happy. ..
Would have been in real trouble if my experiment would have gone South. .. But it worked out great in the end ...

Do you see how murky the vinegar got???

Here, they are drying !!

I did try it first on a little punch. He he. .. But I cleaned them all in the end. .
Hope you like my tip. .
Try at your own risk but I am happy with the results I got. ...

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  1. I use Vinegar and Soda bi carb on everything in my kitchen...never thought for punches...I have a favorite notebook punch that has gone south...Dunno if its alignment is gone or the humidity killed it...gonna try this...what's to lose...Its not working anyways!!! Thanks a ton for this!

  2. I have same problem with my punches..definitely going to try on my own risk;) tejal said. ..what's to lose. .as it is not working. Thank you Ashmita