Saturday, May 4, 2013

Framing a miniatiature ancient map

I made this miniature picture frame with a little map in it. 

Here, how i did it.

Materials needed
  1. A picture/photo of mini  map.
  2. White Card-stock 
  3. Matt-board
  4. Acrylic sheet
 1. Cut out a frame out of the matt board which is about 1/8th of an inch thick. I should be a little larger  than your photo. Color the frame using using paint of your choice. i used a gold paint pen and attached it to an acrylic sheet and cut it out. 

Cut out the image you want to frame.. maps, photos, pressed flowers, images etc.

2. Attach the photo on a piece of white cardstock. As you can i had cut mine from an old atlas so you see the text from the page on the back!!

3. Next i drew an outline of the frame on some white cardstock...

Using a ruler i drew a smaller frame inside the outline i had drawn.

4. Then i drew diagonals and joined the opposite corners of the inner rectangle.

Next i cut out on the diagonal lines using an exacto knife and ruler.

5. I then i used the embossing tool with the smallest head, i traced the inner rectangle.

6. Fold over the flaps on the embossed lines you created.

Like this...

7. Glue the frame on the card stock frame you just created and trim off the excess, you will be left with something like this...

8. Now, glue the map piece under the frame like so..

Trim the excess around the frame. Here, is the final result. I think this type of framing is called double framing. This is an easy way to create the look of a double frame... I love how it turned out..

Hugs and kisses

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